2 comments on “The Loss Art of Film Photography

  1. Photography has evolved into an art saddled with two adds-on skills, which I shall label ESP².

    You mentioned the first ESP, a misnomer for
    E=elimination (aka composition)
    S=simplicity (also about composition)
    P=Probability (aka chance, shooting 1001 to hope for 1 best shot). Why after all, “film” is cheap.

    In my growth from the film and darkroom industry, I stubbornly adhere to the 2nd ESP, which translate as
    E=Emotion (I must capture that intimate moment, that very emotion that makes the picture)
    S=Sells (If my client is touched by the immortalized emotion, I know my picture(s) can sell)
    P=Photos (heirloom quality, professional quality, the ESP quality…kaching…did I hear the cashier till?)

    Photography, or I should call it imaging, is today about ESP². My 2cts.

    • Thank you Mr. Er,

      Sometimes the greatest compliment to a writer is not necessary someone saying how good your are or even those who agree with you. But the ones who take the time to ponder, comment and challenge your thinking. Because this requires time, patience and thoughtfulness. Thanks for continuing to be a great teacher!

      A toast to ESP2!

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