3 comments on “Why Customer Service (in Brunei) Suck?

  1. Great comments Shaun! Don’t assume that Caucasians always get good service 🙂 Some people are somewhat prejudiced against us, but when I do get good service, I usually tip (if it’s a restaurant, hair salon, etc) or compliment the person (in a shop etc). Also, when buying petrol, I always give the petrol attendant $1. Not because of the service – that’s pretty standard everywhere, but because it’s such an awful job and their pay is shocking, I just feel they deserve it. But your point about being a good customer is very valid. The other point of course, is training and keeping your “internal customers” (ie. staff) happy. I’ve seen supervisory staff yelling at and humiliating their staff – after that, they’re not likely to feel like smiling or helping anyone! And if organisations don’t train their staff in good customer service practice, how on earth are the staff suppose to know!
    Great blogs! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Tipping is indeed a valuable gesture to show appreciation.

      Did you know the best tippers are usually fellow waiter and waitresses? Because they appreciate how hard a job it is.

      Did you also know that Pete Sampras is a poor tipper? $2 according to Andre Agassi’s biography. haha!

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