2 comments on “Rosmita, Lonnie and Yooram

  1. Hi Shaun,
    I am honoured and consider this a `Privilege’ to be a part of this whole project which started 5-6 years ago by Jacky MaClaren of JIS – `The Power of ONE’! There are many others who have and are still supporting us, without which, we would not have come thus far. We are in partnership with Jerudong International School (JIS) which plays a huge role to support the college going kids. The Upper School Council over the years has raised fund to help Yooram, Erika (KYS, KK) and Lonnie. Not to forget the support given by Peter Flynn and Laury MacPherson.

    Huge credit must be given to my team mates, Shida Crichton and Astrid Felius who had worked together with me right from the beginning. Special mention must be given to friends who had jumped onto the band-wagon, like Janet Rigney, Cecilia Chua, Rob DeBree, Edith , Lea, Moira, Colette and Sarah who had offered their help. Our Malaysian counterparts, Tan Boon Foo and Tan Wei Kheng are always there to answer our SOS. Many others whom I can’t list out one by one, but you know who you are.

    As I glance through your Q & A, I thought the better to bring you to the whole experience up , close and personal. Now you have all the answers, my assignment is done. Or do I still owe you one? (eating my own medicine).

    Shaun, the photo of the crying baby is another of `non-sugar coated’ story I haven\t told you. The young mum was one of our sponsored student in SMK Limbang. Her `ponteng’ rate was so high because she was being `bullied’ there, so we transferred her to SMK Medamit which has a conducive environment and supportive principal, Mr. Christopher Kelabit and their Mentors, Winnie Bari and Cris Wodle. However, Wasty’s old habit of `ponten-ing’ continued and eventually stopped coming to school in the second semester last year. When I found her earlier this year in Rumah Sakai, she had her new-born baby boy, Fenzent Shinoda. He was crying probably was guilty of being the reason his mother stopped school 🙂

    Thanks, Shaun for raising awareness of the plight of the Penan, esp. their younger generation, who are the future of the tribe. There is more work to be done and much help and support is needed. These young people will be the first few being educated and we have been privileged to be able to help to make a difference.

    • Dear Mrs Tan,

      There’s no bad teacher, only bad students who do not submit their home work.


      Serious note –

      Thanks for another valuable lesson of sharing the credit where it’s due.

      Thank you.


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