7 comments on “10 Sales Lessons from BHC Magazine

  1. Thank you so much Shaun for writing this post. I just recently moved to marketing, and I can honestly say that I have peanut experience on everything marketing. I’m nervous about my responsibilities and worry that I or my boss may not be satisfied with my work. And I hate having to go back to square one or not make any progress on a project. I’m very intimidated by the whole marketing field, having to do things by myself or figuring out a solution when I don’t have the experience or knowledge.

    But you have inspired and taught me more than I have learnt the past few months since I started, and I thank you sincerely for it. I guess, I just have to buck up and be fearless. (One of my biggest fear is rejection/failure) So I’ll always have to remember Rule #1 (as well as the other 9 rules).

    Congratulations on your success, and I look forward to working with you when opportunity knocks.

  2. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. It’s a tough world and country but BHC has done really well in consideration of a lot of odds..
    I honestly didn’t have any doubts of your magazine when the first issue rolled out.
    In fact I look forward to the different themes and information every month since Day One. I often take 5-8 mags per issue to distribute to my family. I’ve been meaning to increase the number.. 🙂
    A job well done. Keep on pushing and never give up.

  3. Well done Shaun. I can empathise with you from firsthand experience. The simplest ideas can be the hardest to execute.

    I wish you and BHC all the very best.

    • Ruben, thank you. I’m lucky to constantly have the smartest ppl working with me and helping me. That’s the secret recipe. It’s too early to be congratulated though😀!

  4. Great tips and pointers from someone brave and persistent enough, to stick it through; and share the lessons learnt. Well and honestly written.Congratulations on making BHC a reality, and establishing it as one of Brunei’s top local publications

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