2 comments on “Tourism Opportunities… (in Brunei)

  1. Great post, I just like the way you write out this post. Just bookmarked your blog and will visit at least once a week.

    Please do feel free to email me if you have some exclusive information on this topic.


    • Cassondra,

      Thank you for the encouraging note.

      My 2 cent for Brunei to attract island wide tourism, from retail point of view are:

      1. Open an (real) Ikea here. Sit back and watch Sabah & Sarawak people flood this place.

      2. Open a large scale Factory Outlet like Harbour Town / Brand Direct Factory Outlet. People can go to Singapore all they want for the latest and coolest. And then, come to Brunei for good deals!

      The idea is of course, and always: free.


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