7 comments on “Who says Bruneian can’t serve?

  1. Mohammed is a great example, in fact, legendary for humility, loyalty, honesty and servitude.

    Coming from a business minded family, you know that the best customers are those who have experienced the best service plus great products.

    I repeat, the best companies are those putting great service alongside great products. Satisfied customers experiencing this would continue to open their wallets, recommend their friends (to do the same) and insist their friends do business with such a company. Word of mouth recommendation /advertisement is very powerful.

    After all, we should learn, the customers are not dependent on us. There are 1001 other businesses out there doing the same. In fact, we are dependent on them, and we have better treat every customer as well as we possibly could.

    The bottom-line is good customer service is good business.

  2. Again, I echo your liturgy that employees must be treated well too. Business owners merely handle the money, well-treated, happy employees help multiply the profits via legendary customer service.

  3. Shaun, If you remember on saturday all the stuff at the Caterpillar room. The reason I spent XXXXX amount of dollars at Triple Star was in fact…this man !

    His children will be coming in next year, and I’m promised him a vip party for them.

    How come you never write about me ????? I am cool. . . in fact a wise man recently told me…I rock !

  4. Hi Shaun O’l Buddy! ^_^ I really enjoyed reading your post ~ it just reminded me that I miss your wittiness! I miss Deon too and wonder when I’ll meet pretty li’l Siena! Take good care of your gals ! Love you all, God Bless and tell Mohammed that his Loyalty is to be commended ^_*

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